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I have recently joined Hcl Technologies as Technical Manager to work in the Aerospace domain! It is exciting to work as part of a very large team and it has challenges of its own! The good thing is that there are a lot of new things to learn in automation and processes to keep as lean as possible despite the size.

Prior to this I lead an offshore development program for a major U.S. Healthcare Organization for more than 5 years.

I am equally passionate about technology as I am about people! I have designed and developed several architecture libraries over the last 8 years ranging from c# to javascript. Feel free to check out some of the plugins on http://india.assigninfo.com/assignlabs/.

I am a learner and believe that if we agree theoretically with what we read, we must try it out practically to know how it stands. The reason for sharing the following information is that this page is About Me, and I believe if you know what I believe in, you will have a better idea the kind of person I am too! With that perspective here are few notable lessons learnt in recent times.

The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael J. Maher is a short but powerful reading on how to build better professional relationships and do better time managements, especially in relation to meetings. The key take away about professional relationships is not just about helping a person, it is also about introducing people from your circle to each other for symbiotic assistance. You may not be able to help all the people in all the ways, but if you do as the book guides you, directly and indirectly you help a lot of people which in turn is good for you to build strong relationships you will be there in your need. Of course it is not as simple as the two preceding sentences! 😉 That is why reading the book is a must! I have recently read and started practicing a few of the tips and yes, I do agree it is helpful. Let’s see how time plays it out.

I read Leadership Wisdom by Robin Sharma about a year and a half back. I tried to read the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, but somehow I could not complete reading it. Leadership Wisdom was so interesting, I couldn’t let go of it. Probably because it has an IT background to the story! Yes, it has opened my eyes as to how leaders should behave and collaborate with their colleagues. Can’t say I am already the monk, but I am applying a few of the lessons and it does work! Where I have joined in HCL, I already have a few colleagues who also believe in embracing some of the same wisdom, although they haven’t read the book. It has made it that much easier for me to practice the similar style of leadership here too! Motivating people to be the driving force gels with the Employee First practice in HCL and it is up to us to really make it successful. It is ironical that Agile too is a proponent of team driven development. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to introduce Agile into their organization.

A couple of years ago, I read Fish by Stephen C. Lundin. It is a fantastic book! With the help of the management at Assign Infotech and colleagues we initiated the Fish Culture. We had 4 teams – Attitude, Being Present, Customer Engagement and Play which focus on the 4 different aspects of fish culture. It worked wonders for our organization and people in general have started driving things around themselves more.


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