Windows Phone crosses IOS usage for the first time in India


Windows Phone crosses IOS usage for the first time in India

As per StatsCounter, exactly a year ago, IOS was 0.8% of the Indian Mobile OS usage while Windows Phone was 0.33%. Today, Windows Phone is 1.05% while IOS is 1%. It goes to show that in India at least, Windows Phone is bucking the trends elsewhere in comparison to IOS.


HTC Desire HD Review

First things first! Lets get started with a screenshot! This is a 4.3 inch screen!

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD

If you are interested in understanding HTC Desire features, please feel free to visit

Let me talk about the non-technical stuff. I have not been able to explore all the features as yet (which is a good thing) but I have explored the following:

  1. Camera – Although it is 8 Mega Pixels, it works best in cases where objects are not moving. I like the editing stuff.
  2. Contact Management System – This is awesome. It helps you connect your contacts across Facebook, google and regular phone contacts.
  3. Multi-tasking – Except when I use Skype,  I am able to multi-task with ease
  4. HTC Sense – Even iPhone owning colleagues drool at its touch capability
  5. Maps – Pretty good, but need to explore more
  6. Browser – Great experience. I plan to try other browsers
  7. Push Mail – very good, especially the suggestions they give on typing. I have not tried the mike much but it looks promising
  8. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail integration is great. I can share anything at any point of time to multiple options.
  9. Internet connectivity – the USB tethering based internet connection works great! The wireless hotspot also works.
  10. WiFi connectivity – Works seamlessly. Skype works great on wi-fi. In fact, it feels I am speaking on a normal phone connection. On 3G, due to the inconsistent connectivity, the experience was not so smooth.

This is just the beginning, but one thing is sure. This is no poor man’s iPhone. It stands out on it own!

A small mention must be made about the battery life. While it does not get drained so fast on wi-fi or 2G; 3G seems to be drinking its battery.